Tech North Steelpoort Testing and Repair Facilities

With our mobile rig we do load testing and certification on site, quarterly for tackle and bi-annual for lifting machinery. All details are logged and filled for traceability. Small repairs can be done but failed units will be tagged red indicating – “FAILED do not use” The stationary test rig in our shop is designed and tested to withstand 20 ton using a dead-weight for the best dynamic test results. The mobile rig is designed with a hydraulic cylinder and pump, to do both dynamic and static tests up to 10 ton.

Our Testing and Repair Facility at Tech North is designed to function and facilitate the required job at hand thus consists of the following sections: A Stripping Bay with Parts Washer, an Engineering Section to ensure the repairs are done correctly, a Repair Unit, a Quality Inspection Unit, a Storage Unit for all our pending jobs and Our Lifting Store where you will be sure to find the part you require to get the job done. We have Coulour Coding Rings, Spares and Tags for “Failed Items”

We take pride in our work and your safety thus we also have an administration unit whom facilitate all details, tasks performed, findings, etc. and log them on a job card and are filled for a 5 year period as per OHS and SANA specification requirements. REMEMBER – Traceability is of critical importance for safe lifting!